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  • About Zorelit.io

    Become the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy, or at least in your small quadrant of it, in Zorelit.io.

  • How to play Zorelit.io

    Destroy enemies and asteroids to level up and to regen health. Red pickups are new weapons, and blue pickups are new abilities. Left click to attack (or Q). Use your ability with the right click (or W). 1-5 also broadcasts an emoticon - if you want to rub salt into the wound after you kill someone.

  • Zorelit.io Strategy

    Farming asteroids is a great way to start out, but you keep some of your level progress when you die, so there's no reason to play too passively.

    Try out the different weapons and abilities and find a pair that works well for your playstyle.