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  • About Zorb.io

    Zorb is an intense immersive experience that takes the generic 2D mass gathering game and transforms it into a 3D experience. You eat mass to grow, but you are not limited in movement. You can move in 360 degrees, flying wherever you want. But beware...there are much larger planets seeking your mass...don't be drawn into their orbit!

    Your objective is to eat the colourful orbs that float around space with you and use them to get bigger. Zorb.io also introduces a new unique Drain mechanic, that allows smaller spheres to drain mass from larger spheres if they get close to them.

  • How to play Zorb.io

    Use your mouse to steer, and click to boost.
    The closer you can get to large masses without being eaten will allow you to drain mass from them...

  • Zorb.io Strategy

    When you are small and don't have much to lose, try to orbit larger planets to suck mass from them and quickly grow.

    To practice flying, try to follow some boost paths of other players, collecting all the mass as you go along.

    Players you can eat will have a "Can Eat" near their name, easily identifying them as masses you can absorb.

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