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  • About ZOMBS.io

    In this tower defense game, you and your trusty pickax defend your gold mine against an army of zombies (who also have pickaxes). Harvest wood and stone to build defensive towers, walls, and traps. Trade in gold for upgrades to tools and weapons. Each night, the wave of zombies gets larger and stronger. How many nights can you survive? You can work together with friends to make a big base, but this will definitely attract the attention of more zombies!

  • How to play ZOMBS.io

    Walk with the arrow keys. Use spacebar or mouse click to use your pickax. Place your goldmine and then set up defenses to protect it against the zombies

  • ZOMBS.io Strategy

    Boost your gold income early in the game by building a lot of goldmines. Trade your gold for upgrades to your weapons. Surround your stash with walls and be sure to upgrade them as soon as possible. Familiarize yourself with the attack patterns of each turret so as to position them with maximum efficiency.

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