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  • About Zlap.io

    You are a blob with a flail. A blob with a flail and a mission: flail the living heck out of all the other blobs. No glowing orbs, no dots, no power ups ... just you and your flail. As you move around the board, your flail swings in a merciless circle. When you take out another blob, your flail sucks in their life force. The more blobs you kill, the bigger and more intimidating your flail gets. It's flail or be flailed!!!

  • How to play Zlap.io

    WASD or arrow keys to move. Your flail spins automatically. The size of your mace will grow as you hit other players.

  • Zlap.io Strategy

    Use your flail for defense as well as offense -- your mace can deflect attacks. Sometimes you can take out an unsuspecting enemy by getting close. If you can duck their mace and get right into their blob's personal space, your mace might just land a solid hit.

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