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  • About Wormax.io

    IT IS NIBBLES ON STEROIDS. You are a jovial worm who likes to eat glowing dots. The more glowing dots you eat, the longer you get and more menacing you look. If you bump into other worms, you die and they get to eat your glowing dust. But on the plus side, if they bump into you, you get to cannibalize the HECK out of their sweet, sweet remains. Your goal is to be the longest, most intimidating-looking worm on the scene.

  • How to play Wormax.io

    Use your mouse or the arrow keys to direct your worm. Eat dots to get longer. Avoid running into other worms. When you see a worm die, eat their dust. There are a few boosts you can use, like pressing E to turn invisible for a time or Q to dash

  • Wormax.io Strategy

    Power ups can make a huge difference. The E for invisibility can be a life-saver. Twist and turn and use evasive maneuvers to cause other players to crash into you, then feast on their glowing remains!

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