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  • About Wings.io

    Wings is a 2D battle game in the sky. You fly your plane across the wild blue yonder, picking up crates of weapons and collecting glowing dots. Your only real goal is to shoot down every other player. This goal gets easier as you collect more and better weapons. It gets more difficult as you realize that other players have also collected more and better weapons and are now actively trying to blast you to smithereens! So load up, take aim, and climb the leaderboard!

  • How to play Wings.io

    Control your plane with the mouse. Click or spacebar to shoot. Collect falling crates to gain more powerful weapons or more rounds of ammo. Stay out of the water!

  • Wings.io Strategy

    If your health meter is low, focus on picking up glowing orbs to restore yourself to full power before taking on enemies. Familiarize yourself with the attack powers of each weapon to maximize their effectiveness.

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