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  • About Wilds.io

    Grab your axe and your shield and get hacking in Wilds, a stylish fantasy hack & slasher. Pick your team, and outwit enemy players with quick rolls and well-timed blocks.

  • How to play Wilds.io

    There are quite a few controls in Wilds, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with them some before you dive in and get hacked to pieces.

    But to put it simply. Move with WASD, attack with the left mouse button. Run/Kick with the right. Mouse wheel up to roll, and down to block. 1, 2, Q & E also use consumables. Throw your weapon with F, and use your special skill with R.

  • Wilds.io Strategy

    Combat is all about timing, as well as rolling around like a crazy person who's on fire. Use this to your advantage to get the upper hand on enemy players.