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  • About Warin.space

    Join the fleet and help destroy the enemy! You can customize your ship and get to war, this is a team game that focuses heavy on specialized ships and teamwork mechanics. Unlike other IO games that promote individual abilities, this game is heavy on teamwork mechanics and only the best team will win!

    When playing Warin.space just remember power in numbers, with that in mind you also have the ability to single-handedly dismantle a team if you are able to catch a stray ship and slowly take apart their main fleet.

  • How to play Warin.space

    WASD to control your ship
    Left Click to Fire, Mouse to Aim
    Upgrade by following the onscreen prompts

  • Warin.space Strategy

    Work together! If you are a high damage ship without any shields or defense, try to stick near a tanky ship that can protect you. If you are stealthy and dangerous, try to alert your teammates of possible ambushes.

    The more specialized your ship is, the more teamwork is important in this arena style battle.