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  • About Wanderers.io

    Be the hand of God in Wanderers, a game in which you use your digital hand to guide a small tribe of people to glory. But take heed, the world is hostile, and the people in it bloodthirsty.

  • How to play Wanderers.io

    There's an extensive tutorial if you dive in and are completely lost (which you probably will be). But the basics are that you guide your tribe around by moving your totem with your hand. Recruit more tribesmen with meat, and build weapons to give them different roles. Your tribe will also interact with anything you select, which includes other players if you're not careful.

  • Wanderers.io Strategy

    Avoiding combat early on is your beast means of survival. Chances are that there are players out there who have been playing for hours and have built veritable armies. So steer clear of any red blocks on the map.