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  • About Vanar.io

    Vanar is a spaceship shooter with a twist. Your gun can't shoot forever, your ship can be killed very easily, and you have limited rechargeable shields that can make you invulnerable. All of these things combined makes for a strategy based game more than a point and shoot game. When do you lower or raise your shields? When do you fire? All of these things can be learned, so you'd better hop in the game!

  • How to play Vanar.io

    WASD to control
    Mouse to Steer/Fire
    Spacebar for shield

  • Vanar.io Strategy

    Work on timing your fire and shields. They are both on a limited timer for use, so use them sporadically and be aware how long they take to recover. Killing asteroids does not do anything, but they can harm you, so make sure to blast them out of your way.

    When in a fight try to circle around the opponent and wait for their shield timer to run out, then destroy them.