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  • About Tugs.io

    Blast your way through countless enemies in your quest to ascend to the top of the pyramid in Tugs. The higher you're able to make it, the better the weapons that will be available to you. Die, and you must start all over.

  • How to play Tugs.io

    WASD moves. Left click shoots.

    Earn currency by collecting the diamonds littered around the map. Exchange these for weapons at kiosks placed around the map.

    Weapons also alter your stats, boosting your speed or health based on what you pick up.

  • Tugs.io Strategy

    Be careful not to ascend too fast too quickly. You'll find yourself up against players with a lot of health and with weapons that will blow your head clean off. Make your way up slowly, exchanging your weapons for the next tier when you can.

    Weapon kiosks are also hotly contested, to a ridiculous degree. You might be better off keeping your distance, and then killing whoever tries to use the kiosk and stealing their weapon, trying your best not to die in the process.