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  • About Treasurearena.com

    Brace yourself for this fast-paced 16bit dungeon free-for-all where NPCs and live opponent are all trying to put your head on a spike! Grab valuable weapons and treasure throughout the map, while avoiding the bombs, arrows, and drunken swordsmen barreling your way.

  • How to play Treasurearena.com

    Use your arrow keys or WASD to move around, mouse to aim, left click to attack, right click to block, and e to use skills. Every action consumes stamina, so give it time to recover, or you will end up defenseless.

    Run around the map to pick up weapons, powerups, and TREASURE! Take out NPC's and the other players in the arena to fill your coin purse. The player with the most amount of gold before the time is up is the winner.

  • Treasurearena.com Strategy

    Weapons and power ups are available around the map, which can be extremely effective at taking out other players or hitting treasure chests from a distance.

    NPC's will always run in a straight line towards you. An effective way of taking them out is to have shells, arrows, or orbs (any ranged weapons that aren't explosive) and circling them while firing. Doing so will force them to be stuck inside of the circle you create.

    Use your shield! Your shield is a highly effective, yet underutilized mechanic. Approach your enemy with a sword and hack away. Shield up when they try to retaliate. Attack as soon as you see an opening to cut them down.