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  • About Timaleon.com

    Timaleon puts a neat twist on your standard space shooter, very reminiscent of the old arcade games. You can play online with friends or strangers, and the goal is to survive as long as possible. Your ship perpetually travels upwards through the map as the screen moves, and you have to blast a path clear for yourself as you encounter asteroids that threaten to destroy you. But beware, there are other players around too who might not want you to live!

  • How to play Timaleon.com

    WASD to control ship
    Left click to fire
    You will always be moving forward slightly, so do your best to pick a clear path through the asteroids

  • Timaleon.com Strategy

    Your ship can not move backwards very far, as the screen is consistently progressing forward. Try to line up with larger asteroids at the top of the screen and focus on destroying them as you move forward. They will give you more xp than smaller asteroids, and they will also open a larger space for you to pass through.

    Some asteroids will drop powerups that you can pick up to increase your ship, so keep an eye out for them!