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  • About Tiles.io

    Live out your math fantasies in TileRisers, a game inspired by 2048. Start with but a 2. Turn that 2 into a 4, the 4 into an 8, the 8 into a 16. You get the gist. Compete with other players while you're at it to become a math master.

  • How to play Tiles.io

    Simply move your grid of numbers around with WASD, combining like numbers to create bigger numbers and bigger numbers and bigger numbers. Each level has a highlighted goal slot. For instance, if the goal of the level is 64, move a 64 tile into the slot to go to the next level.

  • Tiles.io Strategy

    You can find a bit of success by just moving around combining tiles with little strategy or planning, but to get the better over other players, or to create really large tiles, you'll need to put some thought into it.