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  • About Teamball.io

    TeamBall pits you and a team against enemies in an all out soccer brawl! This multiplayer game will take skill and strategy to conquer, has no sign up process, and is completely within your browser so you can play it almost anywhere! You compete against thousands of people on the leaderboards to be the best TeamBall player!

  • How to play Teamball.io

    Mouse to Spring (left click) and kick (right click)
    WASD/Arrow Keys to move, Q/C for Spring, Spacebar/X for kick

  • Teamball.io Strategy

    Zoom out with the mouse wheel to see the whole field.
    Save your stamina for when it is needed most, like chasing down the ball before they score a goal.
    Shove opponents when they are trying to score a shot.
    Utilize the quick chat options (1-9) to quickly communicate with your team!

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