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  • About Tanx

    Enjoy some EDM and the cozy confines of a small playing field as you and you and your team of Tank Buddies try to take out the enemy tanks. The small playing area means that you will see a lot of action. Bullets will be flying from friends and foes alike pretty much the second you spawn. Grab powerups to repair your tank or restock on ammo.

  • How to play Tanx

    Move with WASD or the arrow keys. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Work with your teammates to take out enemy tanks. Locate repair kits and ammo packs to fix damage or reload.

  • Tanx Strategy

    The center of the map houses a huge shield boost, but reaching it is no easy feat, as everyone else is after it as well. Try positioning yourself near the big shield boost so you can zap unsuspecting enemy tanks looking to grab it. Try hiding behind corners to gain a strategic advantage over your enemies. Remember where repair or ammo boosts respawn so you can get them when you need them.