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  • About TankWars.io

    TankWars is a free browser game that pits two teams against each other in all out tank warfare with different objectives. It is exhilarating and addicting and requires skill and teamwork. Take command of your preferred tank and destroy your enemies before they destroy you! Be prepared for intense battle full of powerups and dynamic team fights.

  • How to play TankWars.io

    Mouse 1 = Fire
    W = Up
    S = Down
    A = Left
    D = Right


    Mouse 1 = Fire
    W = Forward
    S = Reverse
    A = Turn Left
    D = Turn Right

  • TankWars.io Strategy

    There are two types of game variations in TankWars...

    Team Conquest: Capture the zones together with your team, and get to 1000 points first! Tactics and teamplay is a vital part in this gamemode. Play both defensively and offensively, synergy is needed to hold the map. Your team is the key to winning, so make sure to support your teammates while they are in battle or fleeing from an enemy.

    King DeathMatch: Everyone is an enemy! Kill or be killed! Each enemy kill nets you part of their points, the highest scoring tank at any given time is automatically given the crown and becomes king. Get 10000 points to win the game! To win this variation, try to stay on the edges of battle and steal kills when enemies are weakened. Sometimes you can turn two enemies fighting into two kills for yourself if you time your attacks correctly.

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