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  • About Tanksmith.io

    Scavenge resources to create and upgrade a tank capable of destroying the world! Or, maybe not the world, but at least enough enemies to top the leaderboard.

  • How to play Tanksmith.io

    WASD moves, the mouse aims and shoots. Your core is the most important part of your tank, in the very center, if it's destroyed, you lose.

    Destroy shapes to farm resources, then use those resources to build more turrets to place onto your tank. There's no limit, and players with very large tanks are very hard to kill.

  • Tanksmith.io Strategy

    Wood is at the base of everything you build. It's the single most important element. Farm any red triangles you see, then build plenty of turrets to surround your core.

    Don't worry too much about players. Most of them aren't too interested in fighting the new guy and will let you farm in peace.