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  • About SuperTanks.io

    Supertanks drops you - in a tank - inside a maze. Move around automatically and fire off bouncing bullets that ping pong around the game's maze. Kill enemies to earn more bullets to fire, but be careful not to blast yourself in the face with a badly place ricochet.

  • How to play SuperTanks.io

    The tank moves forward on it's own, so it's up to you to steer it with the mouse and press left click to shoot.

  • SuperTanks.io Strategy

    Since the bullets you fire bounce around the maze for quite some time, try to time your shots. Snipe enemies from around corners, or lay a bouncing barrier of death in your wake to slow down pursuers.

    Be warned that the player with the top score becomes the King and is marked on the maps for all other players to track down and kill.