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  • About Superhex.io

    Grow and defend your territory from would be invaders, in this fun and fast-paced multiplayer land-grab!

    You start off with a tiny territory and your character - a small, but land-hungry dot. Conquer as much territory as possible without getting taken out and sneak into enemy land to steal their land from under their nose. Don't get hit, and prepare to defend against an attack on all fronts when you've become the leader of the server.

  • How to play Superhex.io

    Moving your character away from your territory will create a tail behind you - connecting you to your homeland. Upon returning home, you will claim all of the land you have crossed as your own (yes!). All players on the map are doing the same - venturing out to claim more land. If you catch them before they reach home, slam into their tail to take them out. Watch your back though, if an enemy runs into your tail before you yourself have successfully made it back home, it's game over for you. Sneaking into enemy land and stealing hexagons is allowed, and your enemies won't hesitate to do so.

  • Superhex.io Strategy

    Your strategy might shift depending on the other player's playstyles. You may find some taking very small areas of the map at a time, playing safe and close to their territory. You, on the other hand, might just be crazy enough to loop a huge circle across the map, in hopes that no one ventures across your line for a massive land grab.

    When capturing, use curves for maximum safety. Try to bait an enemy by exposing some line, looping back to your land, and looping back out to catch them.

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