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  • About Superballs.io

    SuperBalls is a unique IO game based around multiplayer pool that pits players against one another in the form of billiards balls. On a randomly generated map, players must knock balls into pockets, and they can also known other plays into pockets as well!

    You earn 100 points for knocking a player in, and 25 for hitting a standard ball in. You use these points to upgrade abilities, making it easier for you to hit balls in or harder for enemies to hit you in.

  • How to play Superballs.io

    Mouse to aim
    Click to charge a shot, release to fire

    If you don't release at max it will go back down in power.

  • Superballs.io Strategy

    Try to put some standard balls in for easy points. Once you are upgraded start going after players since you will have the advantage over them with your abilities.