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  • About Stomped.io

    This is the platform jumper of all platform jumpers ... if you like jumping on platforms, this is the game for you! In Stomped, your little dude can't stop jumping. It's basically his only means of transport. Gather stars to get bigger, then stomp other players' heads to crush their dreams and steal their stars. You definitely want to be the stomper and not the stompee, so watch out for others' smash attacks!

  • How to play Stomped.io

    Use mouse or arrow keys to steer through the arena. Click mouse to smash attack and drop. Collect stars to get bigger. Stomp on other players to get their stars. Avoid getting stomped!

  • Stomped.io Strategy

    When you first start out, it's easy to get bigger by collecting stars, but as you get bigger, you're going to need to stomp players to see any significant growth. When you stomp a player, stay nearby so you can collect the resulting stars. Avoid the bottom of the screen, as there are lots of stompers above you!