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  • About stba.io

    Explosions abound in STBA, a sci-fi twin-stick shooter. You're red or blue, and your mission is to blow the hell out of the enemy team's command center. But first you have to fight through both enemy players and waves upon waves of NPCs to do it.

    Pick one of many different units, all with their own different weaponry and special bonus. Last hitting enemies provides experience. Earn enough XP, and you'll level up to become more powerful. Eventually, who knows, you might be able to win the war all on your own.

  • How to play stba.io

    Though there's undoubtedly a lot going on in STBA, it's simple to play, but different types of units do control differently. Planes fly automatically and are steered with the mouse, while tanks and other ground-based units strut around the battlefield with WASD. Shoot with left click, alternate fire (if available) with the right. Special abilities are bound to space. Other abilities are bound to the number keys.

  • stba.io Strategy

    Survive. The more you can level, the better suited you'll be to blowing up your enemies. So get in there and get kills (make sure to time your attacks so that you get the last hit as often as possible; that's the only way to get XP), and don't be afraid to flee. You start again from level 1 if you die, so run away and heal at your base if your health starts to dip.

    Before you know it, you'll be blowing up enemies like a 4-star general.

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