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  • About Starflict.io

    Starflict is a gorgeously designed epic free for all battle for the cosmos. You are a star who is hungry for mass, and you must gather that mass to become the biggest star in the solar system! Increase your mass and orbit by collecting star dust and by destroying enemies, whoever has the higher momentum will win the battle.

  • How to play Starflict.io

    Move your mouse to control your star
    Left click to spin/dash into other players
    Higher mass/momentum wins the fight

  • Starflict.io Strategy

    It isn't about being the biggest, necessarily, it is about timing your spins/attacks. If someone is coming towards you, back off a moment to let them spin out, then dash into them at full spin. Even if they are much larger than you, you will still take a chunk of them away with your victory.