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  • About Stabby.io

    In this incredibly unsettling game, you are a sea captain wandering around a grey void surrounded by clones. Most of the clones are bots, but some of them are other players. The only way to tell who is a bot and who is another human? Stabbing! Only humans can stab. If you see another sea captain stabbing, then this is a dead giveaway as to their status as a human. Keep your eye on that clone and stab away! Your goal is to stab actual humans and avoid getting stabbed yourself.

  • How to play Stabby.io

    Left click to move. Right click or spacebar to stab.

    Blend in. Kill. Don't get caught!

  • Stabby.io Strategy

    Do not walk around stabbing others at random. This will be a dead giveaway to other players that you are a real person! Keep your eyes peeled ... if you see a stabber, then turn that player into a stabee!