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  • About Squadd.io

    Squadd.io is a fast-paced, 3rd person 3D shooter. There's a swath of weapons, multiple game modes, and a leveling up system that grants you a loot chest every time you level up. Open these to upgrade your weapons and increase their effectiveness.

    There are also additional heroes that you can unlock through various methods, such as disabling your ad blocker, or liking Squadd.io on Facebook. These heroes have increased damage, health, or movement speed.

  • How to play Squadd.io

    Squadd.io controls like what you'd expect from your traditional shooter. WASD moves your character, aim with the mouse, and press the left mouse button to unload hot lead at anyone who would dare stand before you. There's also a dash bound to the right mouse button and the space bar.

    Learning how to properly aim at enemy players and shooting them down amounts to most of what there is to learn in Squadd.io, but the maps have special weapons laid about, from flamethrowers to cactus launchers.

    There are also power-ups. Find the health one to refill your health. The shield power-up gives you a protective shield, and the attack up power-up will allow you to more quickly lay waste to your foes.

  • Squadd.io Strategy

    As is the case with most shooters, the best strategy is map domination and awareness. Learn the map. Learn where all the best weapons spawn, and learn where the power-ups are. Rotate between where these items spawn, killing anyone who even looks at you weird, especially if they're on the enemy team, and keep yourself from dying in order to climb the leaderboard and reign supreme.

    Also, if you unlock a new weapon from the chest system, be sure to equip it. That way you can spawn as an immediately force to be reckoned with.

    Another great tip is to find a weapon that works well for you. Don't be too concerned with what other people are doing (What did your mom tell you about peer pressure?). Find a weapon that just feels right in your hands and stick with it.

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