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  • About Spred.io

    Your goal is to control over 75% of the production, and you do this by eating food and other players to grow your wealth and power. Convert tiles to generate more food/second by hovering over them and capturing them. Your mass is the total number of food eaten and tile generators, and you can secure your kingdom with turrets and traps.

  • How to play Spred.io

    W or Z: Fire Food
    X: Fire poison
    C: Build a wall
    B: Build a tower on a fully upgraded wall
    V: Destroy your own wall
    S: Lay a mine
    Spacebar: Split

  • Spred.io Strategy

    This game is more complicated than a lot of other mass gathering games since it includes the concept of defending a certain area. Start off small and strong, try to fortify your position before spreading your territory. It is important that you have somewhere you can run and hide when larger players come to eat you.

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