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  • About Splix.io

    In the land of Splix, you want to control areas of the map, dominating them with your color. You need to be fast and precise, securing small (or large if you are daring!) chunks at a time to extend your empire.

    But be on alert...you aren't the only one looking to claim that territory...

  • How to play Splix.io

    Using your ARROW KEYS or WASD, control your avatar by moving them UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT.

    Create a box around an unoccupied area and connect it back to your main mass to claim the territory. Make sure you (or your enemies) never touch your line before it is solidified.

  • Splix.io Strategy

    SPLIX requires you to be on your toes at all time, and the more daring you want to be the more alert you must remain.

    Look at your minimap near the corner of your screen and see if you started in a congested area or not. If it appears you are alone, start expanding quickly, taking large risks.

    If you are surrounded by enemies, bide your time, expanding your empire one or two lines at a time. Ensure that you can see your tail at all times to know if someone is trying to destroy you.

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