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  • About Spinz.io

    Spin it to win it in Spinz, a game in which you fight to become not only the fastest-spinning fidget spinner in existence, but also the most deadly.

  • How to play Spinz.io

    Guide your fidget spinner with the mouse cursor, and use the left mouse button to give yourself a speed boost at the cost of some of your RPM.

    Just cruise around the map collecting the colored orbs to increase your RPM, and be rewarded with the mesmerizing spin of a fidget spinner going 1500 RPM.

    Smash into other players to shed off their orbs and RPM. If you reduce their spin speed to zero, they're dead. If you smash, or are smashed, by a player going 4x faster than you, you're also instantly killed.

  • Spinz.io Strategy

    There are whirlpools placed randomly around the map which - when used - give you a sizable speed boost. These can be great for chasing down other fidget spinners or giving yourself a quick out if someone is gunning for you.

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