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  • About SpaceSymbols.io

    You are a glowy shape floating around space eating tiny planets. Your goal is to absorb as many other glowy shapes as you can. The catch? You can only absorb another shape if you yourself are also that shape ... but you have to take that shape after your opponent has taken it. Shapeshift as both an offensive and a defensive maneuver as you zip around the arena. Rise in the rankings by absorbing shapes and feasting on fun-size Saturns.

  • How to play SpaceSymbols.io

    Use mouse to guide your shape. Left mouse click to change shape. Click to change your shape. Assume your opponent's shape and absorb their symbol. Absorb symbols and eat planets to open a new symbol. Position the cursor farther away from your shape to speed up.

  • SpaceSymbols.io Strategy

    When you begin, focus on leveling up by eating planets. Position the cursor farther away from you if you need to dash away from an enemy on the offensive.