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  • About Spaceone.io

    Space One is a 2-D outer space shooting free for all. You control a fleet of Neon Doritos with lasers. When you encounter an enemy fleet of Neon Doritos, you shoot them with your lasers. When you destroy another fleet, your fleet gets bigger and more intimidating. You can also shoot glowing dots, but that isn't as satisfying.

  • How to play Spaceone.io

    Use the mouse or arrows to control the direction of your flight. Shoot with the spacebar. Shoot other fleets and try not to get shot.

  • Spaceone.io Strategy

    Attack your enemies when they are facing away from you. Sure, shooting your enemy in the back isn't particularly noble, but there's no room for nobility when it comes to space lasers. Shoot in the direction of the pointer (enemy sensor) if you see that an enemy is close but can't see them on the screen ...your laser barrage might make a lucky hit. Offense is more important than defense in this game.

    If you feel like committing harakiri, simply fly into the Danger Zone.

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