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  • About Snowfight.io

    Pelt your enemies with snowballs in this cute, 3D shooter. Or use your snow for more modest purposes by building yourself a fort.

  • How to play Snowfight.io

    Move your character around with WASD, and pelt your enemies with snowballs with the left mouse button. Spew them out as fast as possible by pressing the left mouse button as quickly as possible, or hold it to power-up a charge. Hold it down even longer to turn your snowball into a snowblock, and then place that block to start your very own fort.

  • Snowfight.io Strategy

    Play aggressive. Many players don't seem to know how to react when a crazed snowball-spewing madman comes barreling at them with machine gun fire of snowballs, and if you can properly lead those shots, your foes will fall before you.

    Oh, and avoid the bears. They hurt.

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