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  • About Snok.io

    A massive online multiplayer game that takes all the fun parts of snake and pits them in a multiplayer environment. You control a Snok who is hungry for more dots, and the more dots you eat the larger you grow. Bewar larger Snoks, as they might trap and eat you for food.

  • How to play Snok.io

    Use the arrow keys (or W A S D) to move around, hold the spacebar to sprint, this will spend food and body length but in return you will move faster!

  • Snok.io Strategy

    When you first start out and don't have much to lose, try to kill a larger player by forcing their head to run into your body. As you grow larger you will want to try to trap smaller Snok's by coiling around them, forcing a tighter and tighter coil until they run into your body.