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  • About Smelter.io

    12 units battle in this tight space, trying to survive as long as possible with six players and six bot players. You will have to fight for the top spot on the leaderboard by smashing and destroying your enemies, this will force you to make jumps that will demolish everything in your path! But beware...somethings cannot be destroyed by you...

  • How to play Smelter.io

    Click the left mouse button in the desired direction (or use arrows keys) to make a move. Each move increases your temperature.
    Right-click in the desired direction to jump. Higher temperature = longer jump. You can destroy the enemy by jumping through him.

  • Smelter.io Strategy

    Beware hot units near you, they are more dangerous than cooler units. Plan your movements to avoid enemies leaping, you can determine their path on the grid. Do not attack with a jump, this can lead to you both being destroyed. Collect stars to earn points and pick up powerups as you move around the map.

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