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  • About Slither.io

    Start as a baby snake slithering around in this fierce online snake-pit. Avoid being eaten while collecting food orbs to grow in size. When the time is right, strike your opponents down and consume them to grow even longer.

    Fulfill your scaly, slithery fantasies in this ruthless multiplayer snake-pit.

  • How to play Slither.io

    Your snake will follow along with your mouse cursor. Gathering up orbs along the ground will grow the size of your snake; Gathering orbs from fallen enemies, even more so. Hold down either left mouse button, right mouse button, or space button to speed up your snake.

    Try to take out another player by maneuvering around them to make the head of their snake collide with your body while avoiding death yourself!

  • Slither.io Strategy

    Speed boosting is a great way to cut off an unsuspecting opponent or to get out of a sticky situation. Careful not to boost too much though, as doing so will gradually shorten your snake and drop the size lost in food orbs behind your tail.

    It's often easier to take down a smaller snake - since you can effectively create a circle around them that they cannot escape. Taking down a snake will yield a number of food orbs relevant to their size, which can be eaten by ANYONE. Taking down a larger snake will be more dangerous, but with greater risk comes greater reward.

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