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  • About Slaim.io

    Slaim.io is a stylish 2D shooter. You are but a slime, a slime with a gun, a katana, and a dash. It is with these tools that you must slay or be slain. Do the former well enough, and you'll top the leaderboard.

  • How to play Slaim.io

    WASD to move. Left click to shoot. Right click to slash with your katana. Space/ctrl to dash.

    Enemies killed will drop DNA, which will either heal you, or if you fill the meter, it will grant you temporary invincibility.

    Boxes will eventually spawn somewhere in the map, with an arrow to point you in their direction. Destroy these to uncover new weapons or DNA. But be on the lookout; boxes are hotly contested.

    Bushes will also grant you invisibility as long as you're in them.

  • Slaim.io Strategy

    It's a slime-eat-slime world, and generally speaking, the fastest gun with the best aim wins. But be sure to stay mobile and use the bushes to your advantage.

    You might even be able to trick people by dashing into the bushes and staying perfectly still. Of course, there's an equal chance that this will backfire and that you will die. But what is life without risks?

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