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  • About Skyfight.io

    In Skyfight, you fight in the sky. If nothing else, it is aptly-named. You assume control of a snazzy WWII-looking plane and use the arrow keys to dip, dive, loop, and zip around. Your playing field is a dizzying skyscape with the ground thousands of feet below. Your goal is to increase your rank by shooting down other planes. The parachutes that fall from some benevolent deity above you can aid you in that quest--they will grant boosts to your ammo, speed, defense, and agility.

  • How to play Skyfight.io

    Shoot down planes to increase your score and rank. Fly around the game zone hunting down other planes. Catch parachutes to upgrade your guns and get boosts for defense, speed, and agility. Turn with the left and right arrow keys. Dive, climb, and loop with the up and down keys. Shoot with spacebar.

  • Skyfight.io Strategy

    The game will warn you when someone is shooting at you. Use this information to your advantage--try dipping to a lower altitude to evade. Don't fly into the blimps that surround the periphery...unless, of course, you decide that you want to go down on your own terms.