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  • About Skyarena.io

    Skyarena is a flying battle simulator that is sure to test your flying capabilities and your strategic battle warfare to the max! This 3D aerial combat will put you into epic dogfights at the drop of a hat, and you'd better watch your six because you have no idea who might be hunting you!

  • How to play Skyarena.io

    Mouse - Controls the plane
    Mouse Left Button - Fire
    F - Enter fullscreen
    M - Mute/Unmute music

  • Skyarena.io Strategy

    Try to stay behind other planes when battling them, this gives you complete advantage as they cannot shoot backwards. If you find someone chasing you, try to navigate close to rocks and other objects to shake them from your tail. Don't be afraid to mine some of the alien ships for extra points, quickly securing the leaderboard top position!

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