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  • About Skribbl.io

    Skribble is a competitive drawing/guessing game. One player draws a word, other players have to try to guess the word. The faster you guess a word, the more points you get. At the beginning, your only clue is how many letters are in the word. As the clock winds down, you will get some extra letters in the word as hints. When it is your turn to draw, you have a choice of three different words. After 80 seconds, the time is up!

  • How to play Skribbl.io

    When you are guessing, type your guess into the box on the bottom right. When you are drawing, select a color and drawing tool, then use the mouse to draw.

  • Skribbl.io Strategy

    There is no penalty for incorrect guesses, so guess as many times as you can. Familiarize yourself with the drawing tools so that you can perfect your masterpieces.

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