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  • About Shipo.io

    Shipo.io is a online ship-battle game with 3D graphics. You're a ship captain who seeks for fame and glory. To conquer the seas, you have to get enough treasure to buy cannons and upgrade your ship. Cannons and mines are the main combat arsenal at the moment. You should protect yourself from other ships' cannons on the high seas, lest you be sunk!

  • How to play Shipo.io

    Control your ship using your Mouse, and to fire Click the Left Mouse Button.
    Your ship is equipped with some special abilities that can be used by pressing 1-5 on the number bar.

  • Shipo.io Strategy

    Hunt down weaker ships to earn loot, spend the loot on larger cannons, and continue the hunt, matey!

    If you quickly spin it makes it harder for other ships to hit you, and try to lead your cannon shots where the ships will be, not where they are.

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