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  • About s0urce.io

    Hack your way to the top in S0urce.io. Pick your target, type out the words on screen, and then soak up their sweet sweet BT as a reward. Use that currency to buy data miners which in turn grants you even more money. Keep it up, and you'll eventually be hacker-king of the hacker-kingdom. Or you'll hack the wrong guy and he'll attack you endless as though he has some crazy grudge.

  • How to play s0urce.io

    Don't be alarmed by the computer environment that shows up when you first start the game. Though it can be rather overwhelming, the game has a decent tutorial to help you dive in.

    Go to the target list to view players. Bronze players are the easiest to hack and reward you with the least amount of currency. Master players are the most difficult, but you can make a killing off of them.

    Some of the the programs on your desktop allow you to buy additional miners, or view your own miners. Or bolster your firewalls after you've sustained an attack.k

  • s0urce.io Strategy

    S0urce.io is fairly straight-forward in terms of gameplay. It's part idle, and part typing, but all hack, all the time. Be quick to spend whatever BT you earn, lest it be stolen from you mere moments later. But be warned that it does cost BT to hack someone, so if you're broke, you're left with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs.