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  • About Rewind.space

    Are you addicted to blocks? When you close your eyes is that all you see? Do you wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming of placing blocks on your back in an effort to grow longer? Rewind.Space knows how you feel. Become the biggest block-monster possible and kill anyone who would dare oppose you. Move around the map collecting blocks as you find them, growing longer and longer and longer. But blocks are not simply your length, they are also the ammo with which you kill other block monsters.

  • How to play Rewind.space

    Move around with WASD.
    + on the numpad, or i, fires off one of your blocks.
    - on the numpad, or o, does a triple fire.
    * on the numpad, or p, does a speedboost at the cost of one block
    Teleport with space.

  • Rewind.space Strategy

    Keep your length in check. You don't have to be the biggest snake to win, just the best. So don't be too worried about creating the longest snake possible. Use those blocks to get the better hand over your enemies.