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  • About Puble.io

    Direct your boat in a protective bubble, using your extendable anchor to destroy and harvest other players before they lay waste to your boat. As you kill and collect more mass your protective bubble will grow, making it harder for enemy players to sneak up on you and destroy you.

    When you spawn into the playfield, you will begin controlling your bubble boat carefully and try to make the bubble bigger through eating a lot of spawning orbs. Your boat is equipped with a deadly hook that can be used to kill your opponents. When you run into an enemy, you should quickly throw the hook at him accurately, he will die and leave a lot of mass which can be absorbed. The more mass you eat, the larger your bubble will become

  • How to play Puble.io

    Move with Mouse
    Send Hook with Click

  • Puble.io Strategy

    Harvest easy orbs before trying to fight people who are much larger than you, this will give you a larger protective bubble and make it harder to kill you. On the mini map you can see where the largest player is, try to avoid this location until you are ready to fight them.