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  • About Pikes.io

    Impale all those who oppose you in Pikes.io. You are but a man, a man with a pike. Aim that pike, and charge forward to skewer anyone in your path. Each kill causes your pike to grow, and grow, and grow. If you survive for long enough, no one will even be able to touch you.

  • How to play Pikes.io

    Steer your character with the mouse, and press left click or space to boost. The squares littered about the map will refill your boost meter.

  • Pikes.io Strategy

    A great tip is that you don't actually have to strike your enemies with the pointy end of your pike. Slashing them will also earn you kills. Remember this if you're being chased by someone with a wimpy pike. Just whip around and cut them in two.

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