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  • About Pikan.io

    Pikan is a welcome spin on the classic mass gathering game, instead giving your avatar a lance/sword and allowing you to strike down opponents far larger than yourself. You collect mass to grow, but just because you are tiny doesn't mean you can't be fierce, but beware the sweeping strike of your target!

  • How to play Pikan.io

    Control your avatar with your mouse, clicking to increase your speed while slowly decreasing your mass. Strike your opponent with your lance/sword to destroy them.

  • Pikan.io Strategy

    Being small does not make you any less dangerous in this mass gathering game, if you can strike your opponent with your lance you will destroy them, regardless of their size.

    The catch? Their lance grows with their mass, making their reach much larger than yours.

    To quickly grow in mass, try to bait your opponents into charging you from behind then quickly swing around, catching them with the tip of your lance before they are able to strike you. You can speed boost out of the way if you are in danger.

    Do not try to fight much larger opponents unless there are a lot of enemies nearby, causing confusion.