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  • About Pie.ai

    You are a bouncy monster cube who loves pie, but seriously hates jam. Jump from square to square and chomp away at whatever you happen to land on, but if a jam drone drops a jam bomb in your area, GET THE HECK OUTTA THERE, because JAM = DEATH. Eating squares increases your score, as does eating other players. Eat health sqaures to restore your life meter. Eat key squares and hammer squares to unlock powerups.

  • How to play Pie.ai

    Click the mouse to jump to a square. When you see a square you are standing on turn red, jump away as quickly as possible. Refill your health by eating squares with green crosses on them.

  • Pie.ai Strategy

    If you choose to go on the offensive, be sure to only target players with lower health meters than you. Stockpile hammers and keys to unlock power ups. Keep your life meter high at all times.

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