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  • About Piaf.io

    Agar.io meets Flappy Bird. Man your battle-ready Piaf (looks like a chicken, but is WAY cooler) into the online battleground that is Piaf.io! Gobble up food and fly around, as you try to take out other piafs and claim your spot as the biggest on the server!

  • How to play Piaf.io

    Use your mouse, arrow keys, or WASD to maneuver around the map. Moving in a particular direction will make you move in that direction, BUT will only do so move upwards (flying). Letting go of a movement key will make you move downwards (falling).

    Around your Piaf, there's a ring and balls. The size of the ring and balls will increase as you eat food around the map, as well as takedown other piafs. In order to do so, hit them with one of the balls.

    Pressing spacebar will activate a dash. Dashing will temporarily make you invincible and create a ring bomb that detonates after a few seconds, but will deactivate one ball.

  • Piaf.io Strategy

    Use dashes as a safety to avoid hitting another piaf's ball and leave behind a ring bomb.

    Look for large glowing white food, as they equal a very large amount of food.