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  • About Papers.Scissors.Rocks

    It's the like someone mixed the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors with tag. Float around a maze hunting down your prey, but if you are "tagged" by your opposite (for example, if you are scissors and get "tagged" by rock), you will then become part of that team. You start with three lives, but lose a life each time you are "tagged" into another team. You score points for every successful tag. The player with the most points gets to wear a nifty crown!

  • How to play Papers.Scissors.Rocks

    Use your mouse to guide yourself around the arena. Hunt down players that you are equipped to take out (rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock). Space bar dashes. You can regain some health by tagging an enemy. When you are transparent, you can neither kill nor be killed.

  • Papers.Scissors.Rocks Strategy

    Target players with higher scores to give yourself the biggest point bonuses. Use your boost to dodge packs of enemies. Travel in packs to protect yourself when you are low on health.