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  • About Paper.io

    Paper.io is a multiplayer territory game that creates a player vs player environment, with everyone scrambling to claim space on a ever changing, colorful play area. Featuring a variety of pixel avatars and nonstop action, players are attempting to overtake areas within their trailing tails to increase their claim on the board.

    Cross the tail of your enemy to remove them (and all of their precise territory) from the board, but keep an eye on your tail, because it could just as easily happen to you!

    Complete with soothing paper graphics and well kept statistics, Paper.io will keep you entertained for hours.

  • How to play Paper.io

    Control your avatar using WASD or the ARROW KEYS, moving UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT.

  • Paper.io Strategy

    Territory is the name, and destroying your opponents tails is the game.

    First, claim small bits of territory to establish a base of operations, to more erratic you shape it the easier it will be for you to sneak back safely.

    Search out nearby enemies who are overextending, leaving their tails exposed, and strike quick. Running your avatar over their unfinished tail will wipe them from the board, leaving more space for your empire to grow.

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