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  • About PAKU.io

    Larger mouths rule in this neverending game of cat and mouse.

    The more mass you eat, the larger you get...but beware! When you level up your overall size shrinks, making you vulnerable to being eaten by your opponents.

    Larger mouths travel faster than smaller mouths, so you'll need to be clever to survive.

  • How to play PAKU.io

    Move your mouse to control the PAKU.

    Collect dots or eat smaller PAKU to increase your mass.

    Click and release your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to FEED other PAKU and shed some extra mass.

  • PAKU.io Strategy

    Time your leveling up well, as it will drop your overall size and make you more vulnerable to being eaten.

    If you are being chased by a PAKU who is near to leveling up, click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to eject some mass at them, forcing them to level up and making them less dangerous.